Are you a local comedian? Do you want stage time? We really really want to hear from you!

We have (2) venues that host LAF Tech monthly for comedy events at this time. If you're interested in performing a 20 minute (paid) set, please fill out the submission form below for consideration. We're an equal-opportunity LAF'ter organization, (which is a nice way of saying you pretty much have to just not suck). We want fun, friendly and creative comedians who aren't afraid to have fun, meet their fans and bring on the laughter!

Preferred but not required. We'd like to watch samples of your previous comedy performances!
Twitter?, Instagram?, Vimeo? Any other links you provide can only help us in our decision to book you.
If none of these apply, please do us a solid of leaving a note in the Comments section regarding how you learned about LAF Tech. Why?, because we're fragile and need petting.
List any competitions, awards, or anything else you think will make us laugh. We're easy, trust us.