There's no public speaking, self-improvement group out there that is as invested in your success, growth, confidence, experimentation, and profitability until now. (not to mention the health of your funny bone)

Your Mastermind Experience Includes:

  • TWO WORKSHOPS - Two exciting, educational and inspirational meetings each month.
  • ROTATING EMCEE - You get to lead! This provides a great way to gain leadership experience, plus you get to set the pace, energy and fun for each session.
  • THEME INTRODUCTION - Emcees get to set the theme. This can be made available ahead of time, or generate your own curveball and keep it a secret. Themes can greatly effect the entire dynamic of any workshop session, allowing for more resiliency training and an increased level of excitement and fun! 
  • TWO PRESENTERS - We'll rotate through the membership roster as it grows, and offer two presentations each session for up to 8 minutes each. They can be prepared speeches, or snippets/portions of projects that you're working on that you need help to finesse, improve upon, or blast through creative blocks.
  • CURVEBALL, RANTS & MORE - We'll guide members through our famous improvisational exercises throughout each session, including some new twists and fun new experiences for 2019!
  • M3 REPORT - Members report on business or personal WINS, lessons learned, opportunities gained and experiences where "Mine, Mine, Mine" seagull behavior has really worked
    • Two members will provide immediate feedback from an evaluation standpoint how they think the speakers have done.
    • Your Laughter Coaches, Brian Trendler and Marcelle Allen will provide feedback from our Laughter Infusion™ document.
    • Round Robin session will provide sometimes unexpected gems from your fellow audience members on wins, questions and challenges they'd like to offer the presenters.


Meetings will be every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each Month!
Starting January 24th!

    Each Workshop is $50/ea for our 90 minute Mastermind Workshops.
    Maximum 30 attendees so we can guarantee everyone
    has enough opportunities to get engagement!

    ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP is $1100 for our Mastermind Workshop Series.
    Maximum 25 attendees so we can guarantee everyone
    has enough opportunities to get engagement!

    When Choosing this option, please note that you are agreeing to a yearly/annual billing of the before-mentioned price point. If any price models changed, you will be contacted within 30 days prior to a payment being processed in order to obtain your authorization.

    Questions about our new Mastermind Series?
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